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I have learnt that a solution developer should understand the basic characteristics of the architecture in order to deliver software which works, performs and scale.

The tester needs to know more about, how the system is configured in order to be able to solve possible deployment and configuration issues.

So now I need help to assign roles to the following people in this scenario.

The role are between solution developer and solution tester.

Person A(Software developer) - is available for the project, he has some experience in using scrum but does not have a complete understanding of IT Architecture within the company.

Person B(software developer)-available for project, he has no experience of Agile development, but has a good understanding of the IT Architecture within the company.

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Yes this is an assignment but am only using it for practise sake so please assist in any way possible. :-) –  user1658490 Oct 10 '12 at 8:46
Sorry but I had to downvote. It will add more value to go to the people you are paying to educate you (professor/teacher/teacher aides/whomever) to help in your understanding of your academic subject matter. As an aside, are assignments "for practice only" common nowadays? My education is firmly rooted in the 20th century.... –  Doug B Oct 10 '12 at 12:59

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The information you have been given is largely irrelevant to assigning roles. A tester is a person who likes to break things so that better solutions are designed. If the tester is not motivated, quality assurance is haphazard and the project is likely to fail or at least not meet the requirements.

Would say that relationship between the developer and tester is a matter of some importance: you want trust and respect for each other, but these should not overburden the commitment to the project as a whole. If there is some kind of personal chemistry between Mark and Elizabeth in your example, the project may suffer because one of them may start covering faults by the other.

Just my 2 cents, anyway...

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