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Can I apply for PMP without experiences in all processes? What are the requirements for obtaining these certifications?

I would like to have an professional advice on how to fulfill the prerequisites for PMP exam. In fact, I only have 3 year IT degree and 9+ years of experiences as a senior developer. According to PMI website, it needs 4 years degree and 3 years experience in any aspect of five areas of project management but without 4 years degree, 5 years of relevant experience is required.

Thanks for your advice.

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The requirements state you need a bachelors degree. If your degree is from an accredited institution and reads bachelor of xxxx, then you likely qualify under that criterion.

Much of your nine years experience will likely count towards the experience you need. The criterion used to read "...leading project tasks." Now it reads, "...leading projects." That implies that working on a project leading teams and work packages no longer qualifies. However, PMI had put out a statement that the criterion change was only to clarify, not to change the requirements. While anecdotal, I know many folks who works as developers who qualified with PMI to take the test.

So, the only way you know for certain is to complete the application and submit it. It becomes a matter of how you explain your role, how you managed tasks and deliverables, how you managed risks, quality, costs, time, etc. You need to show you were responsible for those things.

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The requirements do not mandate a bachelor's degree; having one just cuts the real-life PM experience requirements by 3,000 hours. See the answer from @jmort253 for more details. –  CodeGnome Jan 13 '13 at 1:02
Ugh, yes, I was referencing the reduced hours criterion. Poorly written. Thanks. –  David Espina Jan 13 '13 at 1:45

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