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Web development is my Passion , Likes to

  1. Work on platforms which would encourage replacing standalone legacy Systems with high quality OO and web 2.0 systems .

  2. Build High quality UI with extreme focus on usability and visual engineering

  3. Port platforms from standalone systems to high quality infrastructure like cloud

  4. Automate the process of creating Amazon cloud objects using there API's .

  5. Index various formats of data and making it searchable .

  6. Build high quality web systems with REST .

  7. Hack Complex Frameworks

PHP , MYsql , Jquery , Addon SDK for firefox , Zend framework , FuelPHP, perl Template tool kit , CGI , Mod-perl , smarty , Amazon SDK , Node.js , GIT , Amazon Cloud , MongoDB , MongoDB Sharding, Ruby, Rails, Sinatra are my favorite technologies which I often use to exhibit my passion . I always prefer working on Open source technology stacks.