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Top new questions this week:

How do companies measure task progress in project management tools (Jira) when fresher team members spent most of the time in learning?

I am trying to figure out how project management can help my team complete tasks faster, and I started to motivate one of our Junior developers to start using Jira recently. But he quickly loses track ...

asked by Ramesh Pareek 11 votes
answered by Sarov 21 votes

In SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework); are there any guidelines around what feature acceptance criteria should look like (eg SMART)?

My organization has been leveraging SAFe for a few years now and as a Team lead I am concerned about the sort of Feature Acceptance Criteria being defined. Specifically its extremely vague and I would ...

acceptance-criteria safe  
asked by RaymondB 5 votes
answered by Bogdan 2 votes

How to communicate effectivelly with less knowledgeable individuals

Possibly related to How to communicate technical obstacles?. In my current position I have found myself in difficulty when it comes to communicating technical difficulties or project management ...

asked by Iustinian Olaru 3 votes
answered by Bogdan 2 votes

Why do Kanban Boards only contain one deployment?

I'm tasked with customizing the ticket statuses and kanban board for our software development project. I realized that Microsoft Kanban Boards and actually all other kanban boards I could find only ...

agile software-development kanban kanban-board devops  
asked by MajinBoo 1 vote
answered by Todd A. Jacobs 3 votes

Trello/TeamGantt Combination

So I've been looking for something pretty particular when it comes to my project. Long story short is that it is a huge project with a multitude of systems that I want to track, of which each has ...

ms-project team-management project-management-style gantt trello  
asked by Jee 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Activity-on-arrow (AoA) diagram review

so I don't completely understand dummy activities(arrows) in AoA diagrams, so I decided to do some practice questions related to it. I was wondering if anyone have a look at my solution and tell me if ...

asked by John 1 vote
answered by Ashok Ramachandran 1 vote

What to do with developers who don't follow requirements?

I am the PM of a 4 person team that is on agile. There is one developer (let's call him Tom) who always doesn't follow requirements and likes to argue that he is right. What has been happening ...

project-management-style project-team  
asked by polygo 38 votes
answered by Flater 39 votes

Scaled scrum/agile frameworks (SAFe vs. Nexus vs. LeSS) comparison

Would someone please shed some light on the differences between: LeSS: Nexus: SAFe: ...

scrum agile process-scaling  
asked by testTester 25 votes
answered by Daniel 12 votes

Can I go for PMP certification without having any project management experience?

I have 4 years of work experience as Network consultant. I have worked in a team and also led a team of 3. However, I have never worked as a Project Manager. Can I go for the PMP certification or not? ...

asked by Prachi Bansal 3 votes
answered by Praveen 5 votes

Toxic culture - I'm putting in more resources to help the project move faster, but people are slowing down

Background: I work in a company that has a bad culture: everybody has been treated the same: The same salary, no rewards for high achievers, and no punishment for bad employees, including people who ...

team-management motivation culture external-project-members  
asked by giovanapc 26 votes
answered by Bogdan 45 votes

What makes an effective email status report? Why?

In project management, what criteria makes an effective email status report, and how often should a status report be sent to be useful?

communication process project-team communication-management  
asked by LewisLin 27 votes
answered by Angeline 33 votes

Definition of Project Success

How do you define a successful project? Is success contingent on the overall value that the product or service yielded for the organization? If the project was successfully delivered, that is the ...

asked by David Espina 21 votes
answered by Angeline 24 votes
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