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Top new questions this week:

What does a Product Owner do if they disagree with the CEO's direction on product strategy?

What can, and should, a Product Owner / Product Manager do if the CEO has mandated that the team builds something which the Product Owner feels is not in the best interests of the customer? Aside from ...

scrum agile product-owner product-manager strategy  
asked by Ravarro 9 votes
answered by Bogdan 11 votes

Developer keeps underestimating tasks time

This is one of my first projects in charge, and I am leading a team of 2 dev, a senior and a mid-level one. The mid-level developer is underestimating his time on most tasks. He is telling me that ...

scrum agile team-management estimation deadline  
asked by JM_2021 8 votes
answered by Mark C. Wallace 12 votes

Objectives? and Benefits? Separate questions on a Business Case form I need to fill in

These seem similar questions. I guess Objectives are as in SMART and tangible. Benefits less tangible and broader? Can anyone please explain the difference and perhaps include examples to illustrate? ...

asked by colgor 2 votes
answered by David Espina 1 vote

How to coach a domineering PO to let go and allow a team to become self-managing

The Product Owner that I am working with has agreed "to try this self-organising stuff" on our Scrum team. Long story short I convinced her that there are 2 paths for the team. One in which ...

scrum agile-coach self-management self-organizing  
asked by user32613 2 votes
answered by Todd A. Jacobs 5 votes

Why is the ECAB a subset of a CAB in Change Management?

ITIL states that the ECAB is a subset of the CAB. Why is that the case? Why is it not a superset including more members to make sure communication with external parties is more efficient?

change-management itil  
asked by David 2 votes
answered by Danny Schoemann 0 votes

After which PMBoK process do we sign a contract?

PMBoK begins with developing a Project Charter, then proceeds with stakeholders identification, collecting requirements, etc. Below is the excerpts from PMBoK's 4.1 Develop Project Charter: The ...

pmbok contracts  
asked by Daniel 1 vote

Is Change log the same as Change Request log? Aren't there other changes than CRs?

Browsing through some PM topics, I have realized that most sources use the Changelogs and Change Request logs interchangeably. But is that correct? I am not a PM, but aren't there often changes that ...

product-management documentation change-management  
asked by John V 1 vote
answered by Bogdan 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I update a MS Project plan to show schedule slippage?

Once I've set up my baseline, I like to use the Tracking view to see schedule slippage (ie: is a project going to be "late"?). The problem occurs when I'm updating the % Complete, but a task that was ...

tracking ms-project-2003  
asked by Tom Auger 6 votes
answered by Marv Mills 3 votes

What's the difference between a project lead and a team lead

I'm a developer and I'm working in a small IT firm. I want to know what are common differences between a project lead and a team lead. My background: in our company we have only lead programmers and ...

project-team roles  
asked by Ullas Prabhakar 18 votes
answered by Danny Varod 15 votes

Is the Product Owner allowed to be at the Daily Scrum event?

Throughout the Scrum Open Assessments there often appears a question about who must attend to the Daily Scrum event. This is always correctly answered by saying that only the Development Team is ...

scrum scrum-master product-owner daily-scrum  
asked by aef 13 votes
answered by Todd A. Jacobs 23 votes

How to motivate a team when you have nothing to offer but equity?

I recently got into the whole startup scene, and I was hired as CTO for an early-stage startup. I've got a fair bit of engineering experience, but when it comes to management, I'd definitely be in the ...

product-owner motivation startup  
asked by Sergey Yakovlev 22 votes
answered by James Carlyle-Clarke 6 votes

Microsoft Project - display "plan schedule" vs "actual schedule"

I work on a project with many changes. To get data about how these changes affect my project, I want to show my boss about my plan gantt & actual gantt on the same diagram. Could I do this with ...

ms-project tools  
asked by Luke 2 votes
answered by Doug B 1 vote

Who does a product owner typically report to?

I'm trying to understand better how scrum teams fit into actual organizations. I understand that Scrum is only concerned with the structure of the scrum team - I'm just looking for some examples here ...

scrum product-owner organizational-structure  
asked by David Kennell 16 votes
answered by nvogel 22 votes

How do I measure employee (software developer) performance based on bugs created?

I am trying to implement KPI for employees of my company. One of the KPI have listed is the quality of code, as measured by bugs created by developers. Now my problem is: I am planning to give 40 ...

software-development human-resources performance kpi  
asked by meetpd 51 votes
answered by Lunivore 143 votes
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