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Top new questions this week:

Who is the owner of the increment in Scrum?

Of the 3 artifacts (product backlog, sprint backlog and increment), I am not too sure about the ownership of the Increment. Can you point me to a resource where it clearly states who the owner is? I ...

asked by nourdine 7 votes
answered by Bogdan 6 votes

Agile: in a sprint retro can I bring up a negative which isn't affecting me personally but I know another team member has a problem with it?

I've been working in a particular Agile/Scrum team for about 5 months now, and I am conscious of a specific concern (that's been mentioned to me in private) for a few weeks, from 2 different team ...

agile sprint-retrospective  
asked by cfempu 5 votes
answered by Thomas Owens 5 votes

Responsibility of scrum master

We are new to scrum and team with most are experience devs. (even decades). The project manager (experience dev but new to project management) gave a scrum master role to a junior BA. She is ambitious ...

scrum-master communication  
asked by 1234 5 votes
answered by Hans-Martin Mosner 6 votes

Critical Path, Forward and Backward Pass

I am a bit confused in the concept of critical path. Do we need to find both the Forward and backward pass in order to find the critical path or can it be found from only one i.e. either from Forward ...

project-team critical-path  
asked by Ahmad Qayyum 2 votes
answered by David Espina 1 vote

Project PWA - Project manager has access to the pool of all resource but should have access just to assigned on the project

The head of PMO allocates the resources for a project and adds resources for a project. One project manager can have several projects and the resource pool means all resources on all projects. A ...

ms-project resource-planning  
asked by SamLewis 1 vote

MS Project, Resource Availability, Task Usage work hours

I've been using other tools for awhile and have to jump back into MS Project. I started a high level plan with tasks and resources, however, I'm having trouble remembering the specifics around Task ...

ms-project resource-planning tasks  
asked by user40722 1 vote

In practice, how many modules should I put in one jira project?

Suppose my team is going to develop a system similar to Facebook. Should I put all modules in one jira project to track the development? That seems too much. In practice, how many modules should I put ...

asked by WXJ96163 1 vote
answered by Thomas Owens 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Scaled scrum/agile frameworks (SAFe vs. Nexus vs. LeSS) comparison

Would someone please shed some light on the differences between: LeSS: Nexus: SAFe: ...

scrum agile process-scaling  
asked by testTester 25 votes
answered by Daniel 12 votes

What does person-month mean in development time?

I have a question about communication channels that is talking about person-month but I don't understand what is a person-month. Does it mean this many persons? or this many months? Here is the full ...

estimation communication time-management communication-management  
asked by user1899082 13 votes
answered by Sergey Kudryavtsev 15 votes

Can I go for PMP certification without having any project management experience?

I have 4 years of work experience as Network consultant. I have worked in a team and also led a team of 3. However, I have never worked as a Project Manager. Can I go for the PMP certification or not? ...

asked by Prachi Bansal 3 votes
answered by Praveen 5 votes

How to deal with a team member who keeps missing deadlines?

What techniques I could use after I discover that one of my team members keep agreeing on time lines, but he does not communicate he will not meet those dates until the 11th hour (I mean just before ...

human-resources timeline deadline  
asked by Geo 47 votes
answered by Pawel Brodzinski 34 votes

What's the best definition and explanation of project risk?

I've had trouble in the past explaining project risk to non-PMs. For me the key element I struggle to get people to accept is that a risk is something outside the control of those on the project ...

risk definition  
asked by Jon Hopkins 36 votes
answered by Bill the Lizard 17 votes

Is the Product Owner allowed to be at the Daily Scrum event?

Throughout the Scrum Open Assessments there often appears a question about who must attend to the Daily Scrum event. This is always correctly answered by saying that only the Development Team is ...

scrum scrum-master product-owner daily-scrum  
asked by aef 11 votes
answered by Todd A. Jacobs 21 votes

MBA vs PMP to prepare for shifting to Management Career

I am wondering for a person who wants to advance his career from the development to management level in IT sector, what will provide him the suitable foundation or knowledge for him? MBA or PMP ? ...

asked by kitokid 17 votes
answered by jcmeloni 11 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Resource Assignments

I have 4 Work resources entered into the Resource sheet and each has standard rates. I assign the work resources to tasks, but one of the tasks continues to display $0.00. Then when I double-click the ...

asked by Edward 1 vote

Hiding a specific time period in Microsoft Project

Question Good morning, Is it possible on MS Project Pro 2019 to hide a period of time between two dates? Background Our construction projects are divided into 3 stages: (1) pre-construction, (2) ...

asked by ChrisD 1 vote
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