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Calculation of ACWP, BCWP and BCWS in MS Project

I took a look at how MS Project calculates EVM metrics and I have a doubt that I would like to clarify. Before performing the calculations of ACWP, BCWP, and BCWS, I defined a baseline. To avoid ...

ms-project evm  
user avatar asked by Upax Score of 1
user avatar answered by David Espina Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

In MS Project 2010, is it possible to renumber the task ids?

I'd like the task id field to increment in the same order as the start date, but I have added tasks between existing tasks, so when I sort by start date, the task ids go 1, 8, 15, 2, 4, 5, 7, etc. ...

ms-project ms-project-2010  
user avatar asked by Scott C Wilson Score of 7
user avatar answered by Kennethvr Score of 10

What is the difference between a project manager and developer manager?

What is the difference and when should a company have a project manager or a developer manager? I found the following diagram but was further confused: More specific question: In a small company is ...

user avatar asked by Kieran Andrews Score of 4
user avatar answered by CraigV Score of 4

How to estimate amount of work/man hours for an unfamiliar task?

Sooner or later we come across a task in our project, with which we are totally unfamiliar ('we' as in PM, but also possibly the staff assigned to do this particular task). How can we estimate ...

estimation planning  
user avatar asked by Mchl Score of 101
user avatar answered by markbruns Score of 67

What's the exact definition of "Program Manager"?

I'm still confused with the title 'Program Manager' after I went through this site and searched over threads. Actually I haven't seen many 'Program Managers' in practice. Is it a regular role in ...

roles program-management definition  
user avatar asked by fifth Score of 25
user avatar answered by Jesse Score of 15

How do I measure employee (software developer) performance based on bugs created?

I am trying to implement KPI for employees of my company. One of the KPI have listed is the quality of code, as measured by bugs created by developers. Now my problem is: I am planning to give 40 ...

software-development human-resources performance kpi  
user avatar asked by meetpd Score of 52
user avatar answered by Lunivore Score of 144

Agile methodologies such as Scrum in non-software development projects

Even though Scrum was originally suggested for managing product development projects, its use has focused on the management of software development projects. None of the project management teams I ...

agile scrum methodology product-management  
user avatar asked by M0N4K0 Score of 20
user avatar answered by ashes999 Score of 16

How to print task list & gantt chart from a specific date range

I want to print the task list and the Gantt chart in a specific date range (as illustrated in the image below). How can I do it? The default print scheme wastes paper and is difficult to read. I have ...

ms-project gantt  
user avatar asked by Luke Score of 2
user avatar answered by Aziz Shaikh Score of 3
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