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Top new questions this week:

Should PO define execution order of stories in a Sprint?

In one scrum team, the PO expects stories to be executed in a defined order in the sprint. This PO usually arranges stories in top-down order and expects stories to be executed in the same order. I ...

scrum agile  
asked by ssharma Score of 7
answered by Thomas Owens Score of 17

RACI Accountability: How to get alignment when 2 teams feel they should be the Accountable?

Problem statement: I've started on a new team in which there is lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities so I'm leading some RACI definition exercises. For a few key activities, there are two ...

requirements roles  
asked by Marnie A. Score of 1
answered by Roger Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Goal vs. Objective vs. Scope vs. Deliverable

What are the definitions and relationship between Goal, Objective, Scope, and Deliverables? Upon searching, I'm seeing conflicting and overlapping definitions of these terms.

asked by starno Score of 4
answered by Daniel Score of 9

What's the exact definition of "Program Manager"?

I'm still confused with the title 'Program Manager' after I went through this site and searched over threads. Actually I haven't seen many 'Program Managers' in practice. Is it a regular role in ...

roles program-management definition  
asked by fifth Score of 25
answered by Jesse Score of 15

Definition of Project Success

How do you define a successful project? Is success contingent on the overall value that the product or service yielded for the organization? If the project was successfully delivered, that is the ...

asked by David Espina Score of 21
answered by Angeline Score of 24

Project 2010 opens with blank screen

I've run into a problem with my Microsoft Project 2010 file. Whenever I try and open it I just get a blank screen. None of the alternative views (e.g. network diagram, resource sheet, tracking gantt,...

tools ms-project-2010  
asked by Denis Score of 3
answered by Denis Score of 5

What SMART goals can I set for myself as a new Scrum Master?

I'm transitioning from a Project Manager to a Scrum Master, and I need to come up with some examples of SMART goals for the new role. The goals are for my Annual Performance Reviews where I will be ...

scrum metrics performance goals  
asked by Cathy B Score of 18
answered by Todd A. Jacobs Score of 17

How to deal with unavoidable on-demand tasks in Scrum? Or should we even try?

I was put in charge of implementing Scrum in my Development Team. Unfortunately, the company I work with has a rather stale structure that does not go well with this framework. The team works on a ...

scrum agile  
asked by Lafsi Ironknuckles Score of 67
answered by WBW Score of 12

Sprint vs milestone vs release

I am new in agile and Scrum, and I got confused as to what the differences are between a Sprint, a Milestone and a Release. I heard some say that the Sprint is a Milestone. Also in some software the ...

scrum agile scrum-master project-management-style agile-coach  
asked by user155293 Score of 18
answered by Krunal Score of 16
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