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Top new questions this week:

Why is it important to only have PBIs completable in a single Sprint?

In Scrum it is emphasized that the Sprint Goal is achieved and that the developers determine which work can be completed in the Sprint. I often get the following question: Why can't we start a story ...

scrum sprint sprint-planning  
asked by cw24 4 votes
answered by Daniel 9 votes

How to size Kanban cards

Problem When creating Kanban cards, I don't know how I should size them, i.e. if I have one task that I estimate to take a week and one task that should take only half a day, should they both just get ...

kanban kanban-board  
asked by nonthevisor 1 vote

How should you track small Incremental Pieces of Work?

In my team, we often complete an MVP feature, i.e. MVP for Authentication. It has all the stuff it needs to be compliant and work, and meets the definition of done. Then somewhere down the line, ...

user-stories features  
asked by Johnny 1 vote
answered by nvogel 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Should I cancel the daily scrum if the team has only minor issues to discuss?

If there are only minor issues to discuss in the next Daily Scrum, should I hold that Daily Scrum as usual or just tell the Scrum Master to cancel that Daily Scrum and deal with the issues by email or ...

scrum daily-scrum  
asked by user43394 32 votes
answered by Todd A. Jacobs 47 votes

How many projects can a PM manage at the same time?

We are a small team and can afford only one project manager (PM). As a result he's basically managing all of our projects. To keep the quality of our business, we would not like to overload him. ...

time-management multi-projects  
asked by ben_fff76 10 votes
answered by Todd A. Jacobs 23 votes

What is the difference between framework vs methodology?

What the difference is between a methodology and a framework? And where does the process come into that story? And perhaps, it would be good to have this comparison explained by using methodologies ...

process methodology terminology  
asked by Kennethvr 20 votes
answered by Lunivore 19 votes

Project 2010 opens with blank screen

I've run into a problem with my Microsoft Project 2010 file. Whenever I try and open it I just get a blank screen. None of the alternative views (e.g. network diagram, resource sheet, tracking gantt,...

tools ms-project-2010  
asked by Denis 3 votes
answered by Denis 5 votes

Simple examples of the difference between fixed-work, fixed-unit, and fixed-duration tasks in MS Project

MS Project tasks are either fixed work, fixed unit, or fixed duration, where Duration x Units = Work The documentation describes which variable is recomputed when one of the others is changed, but I ...

ms-project resource-planning  
asked by Adam Wuerl 5 votes
answered by Adam Wuerl 3 votes

Should bugs be treated as stories or as tasks?

If you're using scrum you should know that there is a clear difference between tasks and stories. A story is something that is valuable to user. A task is a step to produce that value to user. So, ...

scrum agile user-stories tasks bugs  
asked by Vanuan 42 votes

QA is at capacity, Development has room

Let's say you have five developers and one QA tester. All 5 developers can commit to X number of user stories. In Planning, QA decides he'll need Y number of hours per story to test. What is the ...

scrum agile planning  
asked by Mark Saluta 9 votes
answered by Bogdan 25 votes
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