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Top new questions this week:

Daily StandUp in a small co-located team

Let's suppose we have a small development team: a front-end developer, a back-end developer and a tester working in the same room and therefore able to communicate freely throught a day. Is it ...

scrum agile kanban daily-scrum  
asked by Chris Brettini 7 votes
answered by Bogdan 13 votes

Team of full stack developers with a specialist in some technology

We have a team of full stack developers and one specialist UX expert. We had enough work for everyone, now as we approach release we hardly have any UX work. Eventually I am left with two options, ...

scrum agile  
asked by user12427779 2 votes
answered by robbpriestley 0 votes

How to measure scope change?

Is there a way to somewhat-objectively measure changes to project scope? Our team (a new PMO) is looking for a way to measure how much the projects we manage change over time. How can we measure ...

scope scope-management  
asked by Joe Schmoe 2 votes
answered by David Espina 0 votes

How self-training of new colleagues relates to Scrum process

When people are speaking about Scrum, it is mostly about changing of existing structure to this method. Is there some place in this method for new workers who should first "load" tons of information ...

asked by Paul 1 vote
answered by Barnaby Golden 2 votes

Burn Down Chart : What is the definition of work done in Scrum

I am running a Scrum Project. I am using JIRA as well as TFS as my Agile Work tracking tools. In JIRA I created an 8-point story. The story was completed on the 8th day in a 10 workday Sprint. ...

scrum agile jira tfs burndown-chart  
asked by Rahul Agarwal 1 vote
answered by Sarov 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between acceptance criteria and the definition of done?

I don't get what is the difference between both. They seem to be similar to me. For instance, I have this typical login/register User Story. Can you provide some DOD examples? As a user I want to ...

scrum agile user-stories definition-of-done acceptance-criteria  
asked by Ruslan Doronichev 17 votes
answered by Barnaby Golden 14 votes

What SMART goals can I set for myself as a new Scrum Master?

I'm transitioning from a Project Manager to a Scrum Master, and I need to come up with some examples of SMART goals for the new role. The goals are for my Annual Performance Reviews where I will be ...

scrum metrics performance goals  
asked by Cathy B 14 votes
answered by Todd A. Jacobs 14 votes

Why does management have to "buy into" Scrum?

I have read over and over that in order for Scrum to work, "Management has to buy into Scrum." Can you tell me why that is? What management are they talking about, the company stakeholders that have ...

scrum organizational-structure project-sponsor project-governance  
asked by johnny 31 votes
answered by Sarov 34 votes

When to Use Waterfall, When to Use Scrum ?

Where I lecture, I was always taught to use waterfall to manage projects, but when I finished college, waterfall wasn't the only method that can be used for project management, and I am very ...

scrum methodology software-development development-process  
asked by Eko Kurniawan Khannedy 72 votes
answered by Pawel Brodzinski 68 votes

Agile methodologies such as Scrum in non-software development projects

Even though Scrum was originally suggested for managing product development projects, its use has focused on the management of software development projects. None of the project management teams I ...

agile scrum methodology product-management  
asked by M0N4K0 19 votes
answered by ashes999 13 votes

Is a Project Coordinator a Step closer to becoming a Project Manager?

So I understand that the Project Coordinator's main duties are to schedules the project, manages contracts and vendors, manages the resources (especially in construction projects), creates most ...

process career roles management  
asked by I AM L 4 votes
answered by Willl 5 votes

Microsoft Project - How to quick-filter tasks in this week

As subject, on early Monday, I want to see "what we planned to do in this week". At late Friday, I want to see "what has done/delayed in this week". However, I can't find how to quick-filter tasks ...

ms-project tools gantt  
asked by Luke 4 votes
answered by Doug B 6 votes
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