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Top new questions this week:

Is Scrum actually suitable for all kinds of projects?

The project that I am working on is purely non functional and deeply technical in nature, focused on improving the performance of the product as a whole. I have trouble seeing how Scrum is an ...

scrum product-owner product-management methodology  
asked by dragosb 5 votes
answered by Daniel 12 votes

Dealing with less competent agile team members

The company uses JIRA for 3 week sprints. Team members are virtual with one QA tester who does all the testing that she documents as subtasks for each story. Developers must validate their changes ...

agile team-management  
asked by user6284097 2 votes
answered by nvoigt 5 votes

Bug Vs Feature Development

Not sure if this has already been discussed, if yes please point me out appropriately. I am a Product manager in at a software firm. We are developing a mobile application. We are developing 2 ...

product-management product-owner bugs features  
asked by SPO 1 vote
answered by Thomas Owens 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Best way to evaluate software engineers' performance?

What is a good mechanism to evaluate software engineers' performance? We need to have a PAR session every year so would like to know how to proceed and what mechanism is used within the industry. ...

team-management software-development development-process performance reviews  
asked by dev1234 3 votes
answered by Clair 11 votes

What is the weighting difference between Epic/Story/Task

I am slightly confused between the three. From my understanding: Epic - Create a web site (T shirt size) (L) Story - Create the Home page (1 point) Task - Create a button on the home page that is ...

user-stories tasks epics  
asked by bobo2000 66 votes
answered by WBW 73 votes

What percentage of a project manager's time should be spent working in the project management software and documentation?

What percentage of the project manager's time is spent planning, writing tasks, and tracking time in the project management software? How much time should be given to documentation? Every position ...

planning documentation  
asked by jmort253 10 votes
answered by Mark Phillips 4 votes

Who is responsible for the requirements specification?

I work for a small company as a software engineer. Our company doesn't have a business analyst or a project manager. We are about to sell a custom CMS system to a very IT illiterate customer. Who is ...

asked by Mat 12 votes
answered by Todd A. Jacobs 7 votes

Should I leave building the database for the end?

Let's suppose that, as a PO, I have a mini-project with my team. The project consists of displaying messages and announcements on big shared screen. The admin can write messages on a page on his ...

scrum agile user-stories product-owner backlog  
asked by cascadox 7 votes
answered by Barnaby Golden 14 votes

"Start to finish" dependency example?

Can you give me an example of a Start to Finish dependency? Wikipedia describes it like this: Start to finish (SF) A SF B = B can't finish before A starts

tasks dependencies  
asked by HappyPM 20 votes
answered by Iain9688 20 votes

What is the role of a QA tester on a Scrum team?

I've recently added a QA tester to our new Scrum team. The tester comes with a lot of experience in automated testing and is capable of scripting, light coding, etc. He will be using automation tools, ...

agile scrum testing  
asked by Ben K 18 votes
answered by Thomas Owens 12 votes
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