Is it possible to create a custom field that tests if a completed task has a predecessor or successor with lag?

Update: I've solved my problem bellow.

I had inherited a large project which had not been properly progressed in some time and whose execution logic had changed significantly since the last baseline. To get up to speed I was creating a few custom fields to help identify tasks to watch when picking it apart and putting it back together again. My predecessor had included a lot of lag in his linkages, which a) I didn't want to progress and b) I wanted move into clearer to understand tasks rather than keep in the linkages.

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You can quickly filter tasks that have lead or lag using autofilters on the predecessor and/or successor field. Use contains + to filter for tasks with lag. You can apply autofilters to multiple fields (columns) to further narrow down whether the task is complete (filter on % complete field).

  • This worked for what I needed at the time, but I also was looking to create a graphical indicator test (which I wasn't clear about in the original question and have updated above, and bellow). Commented Dec 11, 2013 at 3:41

Sorry for the late response. This is the test I was actually trying to construct.

This is used to check if a task with 100% completion has a Predecessor or Successor with lag.

I'll edit the original question to be more specific.

    ((InStr(1,[Predecessors],'+') Or InStr(1,[Predecessors],'-')) 
    (InStr(1,[Successors],'+') Or InStr(1,[Successors],'-'))<>0)
    [% Complete]=100,1,0

*Formatted for readability.

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