I need to have a column to show Planned % Complete for a certain date that I will compare with % Complete column.

Now % Complete formula is

cstr(IIf([Duration]=0,0,100*[Actual Duration]/[Duration])) & " %"

customize Planned % Complete formula that I make is

cstr(IIf([Duration]=0,0,100*ProjDateDiff([Start],[Status Date])/[Duration])) & " %"

both formulae give me exactly same result but at task level only. However, the later one does not give correct result at summary level if I use use formula for roll-up.

I am really struggling with this, would appreciate your help. Or should I entirely follow different approach.

  • To work out the planned % complete surely you need to work that out from a baseline? Looking at current stats will only represent the current position surely?
    – Marv Mills
    Dec 23, 2013 at 13:18

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First, using duration to calculate % complete is unreliable. Physical percent complete is a better, more precise method. Second, use earned value. Cost, schedule, and finish variances inherent in EV methods are already built into MS Project, though a little clugy. But, you don't have to make up new formulas.

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