I've just passed by Prince2 foundation exam (through online material), and I've scheduled my practitioner exam in 2 weeks. My understanding is that the practitioner exam doesn't cover any new material, but is just more in depth.

How should I prepare for such an exam? Should I keep trying to memorize definitions etc? Or should I be trying to apply Prince2 in my organisation to get more a feeling of it?


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No new ground but very different style of questions. They are still multiple choice, but include types like "assertion-justification" that I had never seen before. The other catch is that the questions are based on a scenario that you are provided with, so they are all to some degree inter-related.

Your best bet is to track down practice exams online and try them out. The body that regulates the PRINCE2 exams has an example at this link. Once you are comfortable with them and consistently scoring reasonably well on a consistent basis you may as well give the real exam a shot.

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