Let's say I have five columns in my project. They are visible in a Scrum project when a sprint begins, as expected, when you click on the "Work" tab in the Plan / Work / Report options.

One || Two || Three || Four || Five

What I'd like is for one user or group of users to see the following when they click "Work".

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

And then I'd like another user or group of users to see the following when they click "Work".

  • Three
  • Four
  • Five

Is this possible?

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That's not available as a direct feature for a single board that you can enforce as the board creater/owner, however, you can easily Copy an Existing Board, then Configure the Columns in each one as desired and make the board available to the resp. target audience.

  • Please note that the ability to access JIRA Agile Scrum board is controlled by the filter that is currently in use by that board. So if this isn't only about usability, rather also about security, you would need to also adjust the filter in use, see How to restrict the access to JIRA Agile Scrum board.

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