I'm working with MS Project, and I have created a Gantt chart. How would I save a Gantt and PERT file as a GIF image? I did it once, but I cannot find it anymore.

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For Microsoft Project 2007, go to Report menu and then Copy Picture.... It will show the following popup:

enter image description here

Choose "To GIF image file" option to save the Gantt chart as a GIF file.

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  • Oh yes, my answer (in reference to MS-Project 2010) calls up the same dialog, where I see here (but somehow had never noticed before!) that it includes the means to save directly to GIF! – Marv Mills May 13 '14 at 12:46

I am not aware of a way to directly save to GIF, but I frequently use the "Copy" functionality (Under Clipboard functionality on the Task tab of MS-P 2010) to grab an image snapshot of the project Gantt into the cut buffer, from where it can be pasted into an email, or a Word document, or into Paint to be saved as a JPG or whatever.

If you are on a prior version of MS-Project, the same functionality is there and it is behind the menu button that looks like a little camera.

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