Which Project Management Software would you recommend to assist PMs in developing plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets and analyzing workloads, other than MS Projects or SharePoint?

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Here is a similar question on the forum about project management software that has several answers.

You can also search the forum by the tag "pm-software"


There is a very good comparison online for all Project Management Softwares based on the following fields:

  • Collaborative software
  • Issue tracking system
  • Scheduling
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Resource Management
  • Document Management
  • Web-based, and
  • License/Provider
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Our host, Joel on Software, sells FogBugz which I have used for that purpose. It can track tasks, not just bugs.


As for web application alternative: We've been using Manymoon for medium-complex projects For small projects works very well Freedacamp

First one is quite good, includes PM and simple CRM in one place. Now they are a part of SalesForce, but anyway it is worth to try Second one is pretty simple, comfy and FREE! Allows to add task in a second, have discussions, file storage, time tracking, invoicing. We love it for its simplicity!

Regards Alex


I would recommend you Jira + Greenhopper plugging http://www.atlassian.com/software/greenhopper . You can create tasks, subtasks, estimations ...etc. Also, it has a section when you can create graphs an reports of any kind.

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