I am currently working on a high level project plan with all our department's projects and resources allocated to each project (roughly like 10% during 2 months, 20% during 2 weeks, etc.). This is to get a rough idea about (over)allocations and free capacities.

In our team it's the culture to ALWAYS make an assignment of any team resources for a MINIMUM of 0.5 person-days (4 hours). Everything below this would be too much micromanagement - and especially on my high level project plan, this would be far too detailed.

What I basically have is 1 Task for each ongoing Project. Those "Tasks" are defined as:

  • Fixed Duration
  • Constrain: start no earlier than DATE XY (each Project's start date)
  • Duration: eg. 2 months
  • Effort driven: NO

To these Projects I assign the according resources with a percentage or work amount. Example:

  • Project A (Duration: 2 Months, fixed duration) -- Resource A: 80% (= 4 person-days/week) -- Resource B: 20% (= 1 person-days/week) -- Resource C: 10% (= 0.5 person-days/week)

So this works fine, Project is automatically calculating the work hours and dividing it based on the task's duration time. But this also means that I end up with stuff like:

  • Resource A: 7.24 hours/day
  • Resource B: 0.82 hours/day
  • Resource C: 0.12 hours/day

This is bascially useless for me, because our People just do not work less than 0.5 person-days on a day. So I'd rather have "Resource B" work 1 full day or 2 half-days per week, than a little bit every day during a week. I feel like MS Project is pushing me into micromanagement of my resources...

Is it possible to define this kind of calculation-rule in MS Project? Something like telling Project "do not assign a resource less than 4 hours per day"?

Thanks for any inputs and possible solutions! It might be that I am approaching this wrongly :) ~ Oliver

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I would not be terribly concerned about the math Project is doing. Project has to spread the work per hour based upon the assignment unit. I would present the information to your users on a weekly basis. If they work 8 hours in one day, record it as such.

The only other option is to manually edit the spread of the work in the Task Usage view. Enter the 4 hours of work on a specific day - but it sounds like too much detail for me.

  • Thank you @JulieS , I support your recommendation on presenting the data on a weekly basis (or even monthly). Seems to be the most efficient approach to achieve the final goal.
    – Oliver
    Commented Jul 29, 2014 at 10:47
  • You're welcome and thank you for the feedback.
    – JulieS
    Commented Aug 1, 2014 at 15:03

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