In Office version 2007, I have some tasks that are all fixed duration. I'm a prime contractor with subcontractors and I'm trying to schedule out events. I have add the duration and assigned the resources, however on some of them I count up the days and they don't add up correctly or one does not start until another ends. Here is an example:

Task ID 4 - Design Approval Start Fri 8/29/29/2014 Finish 9/5/2014 Then I have order equipment with each manufacture having a different lead time for delivery and all the predecessors are on task ID 4. Task 6 Vendor 1 Duration 2 wks Tue 9/9/2014 Finish 9/23/2014 Resource Company A Task 7 Vendor 2 Duration 3 wks Fri 11/14/2012 Finish Wed 12/10/2014 Resource A

See the problem task 7 should start on the same day as Task 6 because the predecessor is the same task ID 4.

All constraints are as soon as possible.


Most probably you are having this problem because you assign the same resource to all the tasks.

If your tasks are in auto-schedule mode then msproject will auto level your resources based on the availability. You can raise the resource availability set to %200 (or more depending on the concurent tasks) from resource sheet or assign another resource to the task to make them not have a FS relationship or make the tasks manually-scheduled. In the last case you will get warnings about over-allocation of the resources.

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Assuming you have different resources assigned to Task 7, resource leveling would not be an issue.

However, there are a couple of questions. If Task 6 is linked to task 4 in a F to S relationship without any lag, the task should start on Sept 8, Monday.

Have you modified the project calendar in any way? Have you modified the Resource A's calendar in any way?

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