Assume, I have following task structure: Project Stage 1 Task1 Task2 Stage2 Task3 Task4 I have resouces Res1 and Res2 assigned to tasks.

I need to know how much each resorce costs within every stage (not task). I can get view with this data on most detailed level, but I need to group it on other level. So, I want to get:

   Res1 cost1
   Res2 cost2
   Res1 cost3
   Res2 cost4

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I don't believe that there is an elegant solution. My best (not very good) suggestion is that you duplicate the resources (e.g. "R1S1", "R1S2", "R2S1", "R2S2"). Then group the resources on a custom resource column (called "Stage") in your resource usage view. Clumsy. Especially if you have a lot of resources.


You'll need to create a custom group for the Task Usage view.

Group by: Field Name: Project Field Type: Task Order: Ascending

They by: Field Name: Outline Number Field Type: Task Order: Ascending

Then by: Field Name: Resource Names Field Type: Assignment Order: Ascending

Note: you'll have to check the box "Group assignments not tasks" to be able to group by Resource Names.

Add the Cost field and that should give you what you need.

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