I need to add a task to my WBS/Gantt Chart in MS Project, but not number it as it is a task (Kickoff meeting) that I want to fall under the heading: Project Administration. I need this to be a general task that is not part of the Project WBS I have created but somehow still show up on it as a general item.

How can I do this?

  • Is your project structured as a flat WBS where all tasks are at the same level, or do you indent tasks beneath others to form headings / groups? Have you considered whether you could simply include this as a lower level (indented) task within a higher level "Project Administration" group, and simply collapse the group so that everything in it shows up under the ingle "Project Administration" rolled up task?
    – Iain9688
    Commented Dec 1, 2015 at 19:22

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I'm afraid the WBS or Outline numbers will automatically number the task. You can use a spare text field (text1) to set up your own WBS codes and simply skip adding one to the task in question.


If you have generated a WBS in the WBS field of MS Project, all tasks/lines will be numbered. If I need to get around this by not adding tasks to the overall project WBS, then I have a section at the top of my schedule where I put Program Milestones that are linked to my program schedule below. This way I can add as many milestones as I need and will not change the overall structure of the agreed upon program schedule. It seems to give me some flexibility. Example:

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