I want to identify risks from 100 case studies of past construction projects. What the most relevant documents that I need to consider that would save my time.

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    Could you tell us which documents you have available on the case studies Mustafa? Different projects have different documents available depending on the nature of the project and the approach that was taken. e.g. Project Plan, Project Brief, Project Closure Report, etc. – Barnaby Golden Apr 1 '16 at 16:10
  • You may find this tool useful: 0rsk.com: Cause + Risk + Effect – yegor256 May 16 at 8:53

I am not in construction but here's what I would suspect:

Risk and Issue Log
Change Log
Contract Performance Reports
Quality Surveillance Reports
Audit Findings
Engineering Reports
Architecture Reports
Local Inspections Findings

and finally Lessons Learned or whatever the equivalent is in this industry.

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