During the lifecycle of a project, the project management team might evolve or change. Where in the PRINCE2 process model is this project management team structure being reviewed, and updated if required?

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    It is not clear what you are asking. What do you mean by "be reviewed"? By whom and reviewed under what criteria? How often is "often"?
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  • Who else has authority to review the Project Management team in a prince2? I am guessing the board itself. Also , once a project team is created and the project is under going, should it be reviewed at all by the project board during the project term. Or is it a responsibility by the assurance people / project manager. Commented May 20, 2016 at 1:43
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In PRINCE2, the project management team structure is set up during the Starting up a Project process:

Individuals are appointed who will undertake the work required in project initiation and/or will take significant project management roles in the project

(source: "Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2", a.k.a. the PRINCE2 manual; section 12.2)

The activities where this happens are Appoint the Executive and the Project Manager and Design and appoint the project management team (see sections 12.4.1 & 12.4.3 in the PRINCE2 manual).

While we are executing the Initiating a Project process, we build a more detailed view of the project, and might alter or further develop the project management team. These are some examples:

  • We did not have sufficient detail yet during Starting up to fill in all roles and we merely created a skeleton with the bare minimum.
  • Or we now know who will be the team managers for the first delivery stage.
  • Or a Project Board member decides to appoint Project Assurance to a dedicated person.

So during Initiating a Project, we can review, refine, update the project management team structure, if relevant. This is being considered during the activity Set up the project controls:

...this may include finalizing any roles not previously allocated, re-allocating roles previously filled and, if necessary, re-designing the project management team

(PRINCE2 manual, section 14.4.5)

Finally, also during the Managing a Stage Boundary process, we (re)consider the compostion of te project management team:

Review and, if necessary, update the Project Initiation Documentation (in particular the ... project management team structure and role descriptions)

(PRINCE2 manual, sections 17.2 & 17.4.2)

To summarize:

  • the project management team structure is set up during Starting up a Project
  • and reviewed and updated, if required, during Initiating a Project and Managing a Stage Boundary

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