Is there a good reason to apply BPM to agile methodologies such as SCRUM in order to improve the Agile process?

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    Agile isn't a methodology, nor even a group of methodologies. It's a philosophy and set of principals. To assume that "Agile is a mature methodology" has a false premise. Any one striving for agility will constantly reflect and adjust their process... forever. A particular Agile team may have a mature process, but I think you're thinking of Agile wrong. Have you read the manifesto? It's not as daunting as people think. It and the 12 principals fit onto a poster. I recommend giving it a read. – RubberDuck Jun 4 '16 at 11:36
  • I edited the question. Mature is not the word I was looking for, maybe solid would be a better word. And I know that teams should improve the process day after day, but this is not the point of the question. – almanegra Jun 4 '16 at 16:29

Agile methodologies already have a self-improvement process built in. So applying BPM to any agile method itself is superfluous.

However, you may want to apply BPM to the whole company, to see if your agile method actually is the optimal approach to your companies goal.

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