What are the definitions, and examples of to show the differences between: Vision, Business outcome, Goal, Objective, Requirement, Scope, Product.

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    What is the specific problem you're facing, and why aren't the easily-available definitions from Google or Wikipedia sufficient to answer your question? – Todd A. Jacobs Jun 12 '16 at 15:46

One by one

  • Vision: in simple words, a dream or a big picture of future. For example You are doing this job to diminish poverty in the world.
  • Objectives: To diminish the poverty, you have to set reachable objectives. Usually using KISS & SMART
  • Business Outcome: You have to perform many projects in order to achieve your Objectives. What will you get from Project A, B, and C? these project Outcomes
  • Goal: sets of small, reachable, and measurable objectives withing your programs, projects, or daily tasks. Total sums of Goals could be Objectives.
  • Requirement: Diminishing Poverty in the world needs resources (Money, Support, Labour, Time). In other words, the requirement is all you need to make that objective reachable.
  • Scope: you have to do a lot of works and not to do some works to achieve your goals, and ultimately your objectives.
  • Product: after all these efforts, you created a box. A box can hand over to poor people and boom; they will be rich. That box is product :)

I think you can figure out the dependency and the interrelationship of them yourself :)

cheers, Rasoul Baghban, PMP

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