I have already developed website in nodejs and MySQL

Now my client wants to add payment functionality. We have lots of features in the website like:-

1) Copy

2) Save

3) Delete

4) Groups

5) Read, and many more.

We have a different package for each feature. I am not sure how to manage this? Can anyone tell me what will be the best approach to do this?

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  • Are you asking for a design? Or for PjM advice. If the former it's off topic, if the latter we need more info on your team and structure. – Danny Schoemann Sep 15 '16 at 7:45

Assuming you want PjM advice (as per your tags):

What you are describing is called a change request.

You need to:

  • Define exactly what the client wants - this is documented as a change request that the client signs off on.
  • Decide how to price it
  • Write a Technical Spec including the design changes and the GUI elements needed.
    • Review existing design to see what else will be affected and include it in the Technical Spec.
  • Figure out the tasks, create a schedule and then track, implement, test and ship.

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