I have a Kanban board in the cloud-based version of JIRA that uses the JIRA Software Simplified Workflow. When I create a new issue, it automatically assigns a "Backlog" status. I would like the default status to be "Selected for Development" instead.

Does anyone know how to do this? I exhausted all the Google leads I could find.

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    Why would you WANT to do that? If every issue you create is selected for development, would that not violate Kanban's WIP limit?
    – Sarov
    Commented Nov 19, 2016 at 22:55

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The status is nothing to with the Kanban board - it comes from the assigned workflow for that project, which is why you choose a project and a type first when creating a new issue - that then determines which workflow you're going down.

If Backlog is your first workflow status, then the issue will go there first. If you need it to go to SFD on creation, then you need a new workflow where that is the first stop.

But as Sarov says, if everything goes into SFD, then surely the selection process is being ignored?

  • The default issue type is the type of the issue that is selected when you Create a new issue (bug/task/etc). You can set this via Administration > Issues > Issue type schemes

  • The default status an issue starts in (todo/done/etc) is set in the workflow (Administration > Issues > Workflow), add a transition from the start (create issue) to the desired status

  • The default column on the kanban board is configured in the board settings. You can choose between a kanban board with or without a backlog. In the board settings define the mapping between a status and a place on the board.

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