I use Project server 2016 and I created a Project web app site. I created an enterprise project and entered the team data.

Now I am able to assign tasks to resources.

What I want is for the team member to be notified by email if when I assign a task to that team member. Searching on the internet, I found, in Microsoft's site, this solution:

Go to SharePoint Central administration, page click on under general application settings

click on PWA settings Manage, once the page is opened under operational policies click on alerts and reminders, set your SMTP mail server and email address.

However, when I tried to follow these steps I have not found "Alerts and Reminders" in the "Operational Policies" section. Maybe I am missing some things at the level of Configuration?


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This way has been changed in SharePoint 2016 and it now depends on the outgoing e-mail settings in Central Administration.

For the detail steps, check Project Server 2016: Missing Alerts and Reminders Settings.

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