I have SharePoint Server 2016 and Project Server 2016.

I turned on notification sending in Central Administration and for each resources, but resources don't receive any alerts/notifications after the resource is assigned to a project task.

I did settings according these links, but they don't help:

How to send email notification when assigning task to resources in project server 2013 web app

Configuring e-mail notifications and reminders in Project Web App

Alerts and Reminders

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In Project Server 2016, the steps to configure Alerts and Reminders have been changed and the Alerts and Reminders option is now not located in Central Administration below Operational Policies as it was in Project Server 2013.

To configure Alerts and Reminders, you should

  • Configure outgoing e-mail settings in SharePoint Server 2016.
  • Configure Email Settings in Project Server 2016: Turn on notifications.
  • Manage My Alerts and Reminders in Personal Settings

For the detail steps, check Project Server 2016: Missing Alerts and Reminders Settings.

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