As some of you know now, I'm trying to introduce Scrum in our company. Our CEO asked me if famous projects and/or big companies used the method. I found some companies, that's easy (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, Nokia, Siemens, BBC, CNN, General Electric, Bank of America, Novell, Unisys...). Google maintains a list of companies using Scrum here. But which famous projects use Scrum? That's not so easy. Do you know some?

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    Sorry, I thought it was clear from the question. The purpose is to demonstrate that Scrum is a valuable method by giving our CEO examples of famous successful projects using it, which he explicitly asked for. As I was not able to find anything of interest by simply googling it, I asked here. – Alexis Dufrenoy May 9 '11 at 8:13
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  • I had myself a Scrum issue. That interested many members of our community. I think that this question helps us have a balanced view ot the Scrum model. – Simon Boulanger Mar 6 '12 at 14:33

The BBC iPlayer team I believe used Scrum. iirc they're doing more Kanban type stuff now but it's a good tangible project to talk about.


I found an article on scrumalliance.org about Adobe using Scrum:


They use it in all of their developments, now, and began with Adobe Lifecycle, Adobe Soundbooth and Adobe Audition.


Definitely take a look at the salesforce.com story - it's a classic. You can Google it or read the whitepaper here:

Transforming Your Organization to Agile: The inside story of salesforce.com’s transformation from waterfall to agile

From the whitepaper:

By 2006, the last of the company’s “pre-agile” days, salesforce.com had gone from four seasonal releases per year down to just one, which goes against the very grain of cloud computing. That release, which took about 15 months to complete, was a key indicator that the company needed to make a radical change in its development methodology. Since our move to agile, each successive major release has been deployed on the exact day it was scheduled.


One of my favorite Agile companies is Menlo Innovations out of Ann Arbor. They are not Scrum per se but XP.

Bear in mind that many of the early adopters have evolved from Scrum through continuous improvement.

The trap with seeking out success stories is they take a while to get published and if you expect to see a success story before putting your feet in the water you are already a quantum leap behind. More here http://www.rallydev.com/agileblog/2010/10/dont-be-a-blockbuster/


The AdWords project at Google uses Scrum

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    Do you have any references about that? – Alexis Dufrenoy Jun 17 '11 at 7:11
  • you can find a video about it on youtube – xsace Mar 8 '12 at 10:01

Street Fighter IV heres the link:http://agilescout.com/street-fighter-game-built-using-agile-and-scrum/

and the games by Wooga: http://agilescout.com/monsters-built-using-kanban/

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