I currently add header and footer via File > Print > Page Setup, then tabs "Header" and "Footer".

It seems these header and footer settings differ, however, by the view selected. For example, if I select view "Tracking Gantt", I see the header and footer I added, but if I select view "Task Sheet", I see the default header and footer.

Does Microsoft Project allow specifying a default header and footer, for all views?

Note: I hope to upgrade soon, from Microsoft Project Standard 2010, to Microsoft Project Professional 2013 or 2016, so any notes on whether those support this functionality would also be appreciated.

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As you have discovered each view in Project can have its own header and footer. My suggestion is to create a template (it doesn't even need tasks) and store the "defaults" you want in that template. You can add headers/footers for each view, custom calendars, custom fields, etc. Then use that template to create your new projects.

The header/footers are unchanged in Project 2013 and Project 2016.

  • You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.
    – JulieS
    Mar 2, 2017 at 22:25

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