My new boss has a little programming knowledge but not much, he is not technology illiterate but I'm looking for a few suggestions on how to explain programming concepts to him at a high level. Maybe like a pluralsight or treehouse course on building your programming vocabulary. Questions like

What is an API and why should we use one? What is responsive design?

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  • 1) Try explaining those topics to a 5-6 year old kid. 2) explain those topics to other friends who do not have much (any) knowledge in the topics. – Gürkan Çetin Mar 20 '17 at 7:31

I succeeded at a conference explaining an autonomous system architecture in compare to PM / business processes.

In general, talking to a stakeholder requires to pick him up (or to catch up). Try to understand his demands and engage them with your explanation.

If you don't know the stakeholders demands (motivation/way of thinking), start with an assumption and ask for feedback, e.g. by applying the active listening technique.

"I assume, it's quite important for you to ... (am I right?). An API works in a similar manner by ..."

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