For Network Diagram, MS Project has the following fields in date format:

  1. Early Start ES.
  2. Early Finish EF.
  3. Late Start LS.
  4. Late Finish LF

Although, How can I display them in Network Diagram in numbers?

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First, from the Gantt Chart view you need to add 4 custom columns for (ES, EF, LS, LF).

Through clicking on Add New Column from the table in right pane and choose columns of type numbers.

  1. Right Click column's header and choose Custom Fields.
  2. Click on formula button from Custom Attributes.
  3. insert into formula popup the right equation, as follows:
    1. Early Start (ES): ProjDateDiff([Project Start],[Early Start])/[Minutes Per Day]
    2. Early Finish (EF): ProjDateDiff([Project Start],[Early Finish])/[Minutes Per Day]
    3. Late Start (LS): ProjDateDiff([Project Start],[Late Start])/[Minutes Per Day]
    4. Late Finish (LF): (ProjDateDiff([Late Finish],[Project Start])/[Minutes Per Day])*-1
  4. Then Click View > Network Diagram.
  5. After that, From FORMAT Tab click Boxes Styles > More Templates > Create new Template.
  6. Choose the columns you created earlier in template's cells accordingly.

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