I am trying to figure out if it is possible to make a project auto-predict time usage for my team but only allow each project to use a certain % of time a day.

Ex. I have Project 1-4 and employee 1-3.

Can I make it do something like...

Project 1 use 50% of employee 1's time every day and then project 2-4 use the rest equally out of an 8 hour day?

I can not seem to find any way in which this is possible.


I'm working with Microsoft Project.

If I'm interpreting properly your question, you want to get several projects using same resource pool.

So, at first, you need to create a resource pool (there's plenty of information how to do it either in the Microsoft Project web, or even in this fórum - I didn't check in deep however - ).

If you want to limit the resource usage for a Project, the only possibility I see is to assign multiple names to a single resource in time-slots (e.g. Resource_1_Slot1, Resource_1_Slot2, etc...). Each time slot can be assigned to a fraction of the resource (e,g 2h, 4h, etc...). So, if some of the slots is already planned, a conflict (red man) will appear & you can realise & use different slot. Drawback is that you need to properly define time slots for a single resource in different names, & utilization efficiency of every resource in total is difficult to monitor. However, for the different projects, is posible to be aware of resources constraints.

Hope it helps.

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