What are some specific examples that help make a daily scrum productive. I understand that in a daily Scrum meeting the basic questions reviewed are:

  1. What did you do yesterday?
  2. What are your plans today?
  3. What obstacles do you have in your work now?

In the daily Scrum dialogue what techniques have you found that are best for keeping things focused and moving toward productive work? Thanks.


--- Start of Standup ---


welcome to the stand-up, lets make this quick, answer these 3 questions only please.

Q1, What did you do yesterday Q2, What do you plan to do today Q3, Are there any blockers stopping you from doing your tasks.

OK Lets start...

Hey insert name do you wan to give your update? (repeat for all team members)

Ok any one any thing else they'd like to talk about ?

No ?

Ok. Lets Go !

--- Ends ---

NB - its important not to stick to the rules too rigidly, if communication is flowing great, let it flow, & just keep an eye out that it doesn't side track the meeting too much.


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