I have a MPP file with Start-to-Start relationship between tasks. But when I import to MPP in one project, I need to convert it to Finish-to-Start relationship because the system only supports finish-to-start relationships.

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    Though I've provided a technically correct answer, this seems like a silly request. The existing schedule may include many SS+lag relationships. Simply converting these to FS+lag relationships completely changes the logic of the schedule. You should re-plan tasks and relationships from the beginning. – Tom Boyle Sep 28 '17 at 12:16
  • I appreciate your answer. Condition here is, I have MPP with 400 tasks and some tasks have SS+<Number> relationships. But my web portal only have FS+<number> relationship settings. So how to convert SS to FS with some equation that works for all tasks – Sanket Patel Sep 28 '17 at 12:21
  1. Display all tasks. i.e. make sure filters are clear and outline shows all tasks.
  2. Open the Find/Replace window from the Editing group on the Task Ribbon (Shortcut is Alt-E-E).
  3. Find what: SS
  4. Replace with: FS [or leave blank]
  5. Look in field: Selected; "Predecessors"
  6. Replace all.

Note: the resulting schedule may be radically different than the one you started with. Save before you start.

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