I'm slowly learning Project but can't seem to find the answer especially to the different uses or meanings for the Current and Actual buttons on the Task>Details form. Could someone explain them to me please?

many thanks, Laurence

  • There are current, actual and baseline fields in Project, but no radio buttons with this label in the Task Details form in my version. Could you add a screenshot?
    – lgaleazzi
    Commented Oct 28, 2017 at 16:15

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Those three radio buttons determine which start and finish dates are being depicted on the Task Details Form. When you first schedule a project, all dates in the "Start" and "Finish" columns are Current Dates. Assuming automatic scheduling, these dates are computed according to logic and other constraints. Before starting execution, you should save a snapshot of these dates as a Baseline for future comparison. During project execution, Actual dates are entered. These may be different then the logic-driven (Current) dates and will over-write the Current dates when entered. Actual dates are interlocked with schedule progress (i.e. %complete).


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