Is there a particular diagram established for the mapping of projects that are related? The goal here would be to find a way to make ties between related projects either based on dependencies or requirements. I've found some things on brain mapping a single project but nothing that would show relationships of several projects. Any ideas would be helpful!

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    ? Gantt Chart? network map?
    – MCW
    Feb 1, 2018 at 22:53
  • I didn't understand if you are looking for a tool or some advice on how to present some kind of roadmap, could you be more specific? Feb 1, 2018 at 23:40

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What you are looking for is a Visual Portfolio Map

Here is a good article that describes what a Visual Portfolio Map is and why you need one: How to Manage Interdependencies in a Project Portfolio.

But first, what are these interdependencies and why do they matter to us? They can take a number of forms including (but not limited to) ...

  • Resources: Two projects require the same subject matter expert
  • Functionality: One project depends on functionality delivered by another project

Also, you can see links to some research here how a visual map helps the quality of decision making substantially compared to lists and matrices: The evidence is here: Visual portfolio mapping delivers better decisions.

  • Map shows the project interdependencies as a social network map. Each project is represented as a circle, color-coded by 'strategic fit', and sized by budget
  • List shows the same information, but in a tabular form
  • Matrix also shows that same information, but as a matrix

The research found that the use of the map was correlated with the highest levels of decision quality. Not just to a small degree, but nearly 3 times better.

Here is an example of a Visual Portfolio Map: enter image description here

Most PPM (Project Portfolio Management) software will have the capability to create some variation of this diagram.

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Here's the materials:

  1. A board where you can stick pins

  2. Index cards for stories

  3. String & pins


  1. Break down your requirements to user stories (vertical slices through your tech stack that DELIVER VALUE TO YOUR USERS) and add these to your board.

  2. Find out which ones have dependencies outside your team/project.

  3. Use pins and string to draw a line to another project where the dependency is.

When you're ready, take a picture.

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