I need to calculate the current date in relation to the start and end dates of a task and would expect to see a field that shows the completion percentage. Something like this Question or this explanation (today - start date)/(End date- Start date).

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To calculate the percentage of a task that should be done based on the current date and working time (e.g. the project calendar), customize a number field with this formula:

IIf( [Start] > Date(), 0, IIf( [Finish] < Date(), 1, ProjDateDiff( [Start], Date()) / [Duration]))

Note: answer was updated to reflect OP's correction to handle future tasks.

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    thanks !-) I customized a text field with 100 * IIf( [Start] > Date(), 0, IIf( [Finish] < Date(), 1, ProjDateDiff( [Start], Date()) / [Duration])) & "%" – oCcSking May 9 '18 at 8:14

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