Is there a way to show minute-long tasks for event choreography on a Gantt chart?

ProjectLibre is my preferred Gantt tool, and I've not discovered a way to change the display to minutes, but tasks appear with the smallest measurement of "hours".

Alternative #1 is to create 2 Gantt displays, one to show the complete timeframe (planning, practice & publicity), and the other which isolates the event (e.g. performance of school play).

Alternative #2 would be something like a logarithmic Gantt, compressing the far distant items, and expanding the critical hour at the end. Think of a wedding...planned for months, and focused on the day, or even hour (ceremony & reception).

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It would depend on the product you use.

The ProjectLibre blog says it's not possible in ProjectLibre:

In the Task View you can zoom into an hourly format. It is actually 2-hour increments. Project Management to the hourly level in tasks is pretty granular.

OTOH in MS Project you can choose between minutes (m), hours (h), days (d), weeks (w), or months (mo).

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