We're currently using Trello to track our scrum based software development. We have a few clients which have access to different boards on Trello. Managaging the tasks between boards has become cumbersome. In an ideal situation we'd like to have one board in which we track all tasks on which we can then assign categories. These categories can then be used to give certain clients filtered access based on the categories.

Does anyone know of a piece of (preferably cloud based) software that does this?


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With reporting and progress updates, I think it always makes sense to have a level of abstraction. There are so many scenarios where people believe something is done, but its not really done. So I recommend you tread cautiously if you share the same board with clients.

This tool teamgantt can potentially help give appropriate visibility to clients. Especially if you can break your work down into projects. Access control based on projects is fairly simple.

Or you can consider using Visual studio online


Jira can do that pretty easily. You can set up all kinds of boards, projects etc. which can have customized accesses per user and/or group level.

I'm sure there are others as well, but having experience with Jira and having done this myself I think it's a good choice. But it's not free, unlike Trello!

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