I just want to know if there is an issue with the development of a prototype using iterative waterfall model in comparison to using prototype lifecycle?

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    This sounds like a question of sematics rather than anything else... who is defining these lifecycles? Iterative Waterfall sounds like a contradiction in terms, and prototype lifecycle sounds like... well... building a prototype? – Baracus Sep 10 at 13:15
  • You've got two distinct questions there. You may want to focus on one to avoid your Question being closed as too broad. – Sarov Sep 10 at 13:17

The goal of a prototype is to learn more about your product. An iterative waterfall method still puts the analysis and design up front and then iterates through building - you still assume you know what needs to be built. This pushes learning to the end. The prototyping lifecycle is cyclical and wraps learning in as you go. Given the purpose of the prototype, an iterative waterfall seems to work against that purpose.

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