I am using a 5 working days & 8 hours standard calendar. My task is 30 days . I have selected a start date on Monday and end date on Friday (30th work day) but the durationn reflects as 40 days instead of 30 days? How can I ensure that the duration reflects the correct work days for the task?

  • Please provide more information such as the exact dates, list any constraints, if resources assigned, etc. Attaching a screen shot might help as well. Also, what happens if you try this same start date and duration in a new schedule with just this one task? – Rachel Hettinger Dec 10 '18 at 17:48

Hmmm - a very quick google search gave this: https://blog.epmainc.com/more-you-want-know-about-duration-everything-you-need-know/:

When you enter a Duration value for a task in Microsoft Project, the software always calculates the schedule of the task in working days. ... For example, an elapsed Duration value of 20 days means 20 calendar days, including weekends and company holidays

So in practice, the 10 additional days are weekends.

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You should not be selecting start and end dates. Select the start date and duration, let project calculate the end date. Even better, don't select the start date and use predecessors to drive the date, just noting the duration.

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  • This is not really what he is asking @rapscalli. – sonstabo Mar 4 at 13:44
  • I am trying to advise best practice when scheduling. You should not be entering start date, end date and duration into Microsoft Project. – rapscalli Mar 5 at 17:41

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