I am a tech lead, who had recently transitioned to becoming a people manager. It was something I wanted to try out, though I wasnt quite sure what it meant.

After 6 months at it, I am still not quite sure what it means. Oddly enough, despite the efforts from my bosses are having a hard time precisely quantifying what this job entails. I had two questions:

1) Can you suggest a good book for a novice like me to read and learn from?

2) When I think of a skill (my background is in mathematics), I think of mastering the minutia of it through "drills" (exercises/assignments/what not) in an offline setting before getting to the real online task (solving some real world problem). Simply put, my view is that the better I am at the drills, the better I get at real world problems. What are the equivalent offline "drills" in management, and could you suggest where/how I could practice it in an offline setting? Textbooks/best practices/ anything would help

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welcome to the forum. I think that the actual answer would depend a lot on your values, type of management you do, etc. From my perspective, these are my favorite 5 at the moment:

  1. The Scrum Guide
  2. Thanks for the Feedback
  3. Leading with Dignity
  4. The Charisma Myth
  5. How Google Works

There are many equivalents to "drills" in these books, you can practice some exercises offline before trailing them with your team, but to be honest, in my experience, it is a "trial and error" process that needs to be in constant adaptation.

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