I'm tired of trying to keep everyone partially happy - some prefer excel, some prefer pdf, very few have ms project.

What I'm looking for is a simple link that I could send out to everyone, giving them my file already opened on a viewer that is 100% compatible with MS Project 2016, and would give them the option to filter by a certain field, to print a pdf, etc.

I'm willing to pay for a 3rd party service that would do that, it just has to be perfect.

Is there something like that available?


Two options off the top of my head.

One. You can set up MS Project Server, which would potentially give all your stakeholders browser-based access to your project. It would also do another thousand things that would probably be valuable for your organization. This is the expensive option -- the server software is more than $1000, I believe.

Two. You could have your stakeholders install a freeware project plan file viewer. MPP Viewer, for example.

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