How to treat users stories which were almost completed at previous sprint but didn't meet Definition of Done due to testers were late for some reason.

Suppose one of those stories was 5 story points, so how to treat it for the next sprint? Also as 5? Or reestimate it as 1/2?

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  • As a quick summary, velocity doesn't mean "work completed on the project." It's a metric for forecasting per-iteration team capacity. – Todd A. Jacobs Jan 19 at 20:21

You re-estimate them. The difference is "lost", it's not part of this sprint's velocity, because it was not done. The re-estimated story can be in the next sprint, but does not have to be.

You said "the testers were late". Does that mean testers are outside of your Scrum team? Then your Definition of Done is not working out. The development team should be able to turn stories into finished product increments on their own. If they cannot do so, then something is not right.

  • the testers are part of the team. But developer finished the task at the last moment of sprint, so tester just had no chance ... but he tried, but was too late (((( so sad... – J.J. Beam Jan 17 at 14:50
  • 1
    Well, then it's easy. The team did not complete the story. It does not matter in which state it was last or who exactly in the team failed to finish it. My first paragraph applies. Re-estimate what's left, the difference in points is lost. – nvoigt Jan 17 at 14:51
  • and should be velocity of previous sprint treated as completely without this task? Or need to count somehow? – J.J. Beam Jan 17 at 14:57
  • No, the story was not finished, so no points were gained from it in the sprint. – nvoigt Jan 17 at 14:58

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