I'm using MS Project 2010. When assigning a task with duration say 5 days and work of say 10 hours. Then MSP distributes the occupation for that resource over the whole duration.


Mon 2h | Tue 2h | Wed 2h | Thu 2h | Fri 2h

So far so good, assume I'm 1 day away from the end date and set the % completed to 20%, i.e. the remaining hours are 8h. How can I make MSP set the occupation for that resource such, that it has to do 8h on the last day?

Mon 0.5h | Tue 0.5h | Wed 0.5h | Thu 0.5h | Fri 8h

I know the feature Task->Move->Incomplete Parts to Status Date That almost does the trick, but using that feature increases the duration. I would like to fix the duration and the work, and simply change the work per day.

I could simply assign the actual work per day in the resource assignment view, but that seems to be somewhat cumbersome if I have hundreds of tasks...

  • Your task is fixed duration? Are you using "work % complete'? If you have a five day duration task, 10 hours, and on the fourth day you indicate 20% work % complete, that should put 8 hours on the final day of duration. – David Espina Jan 23 at 20:39

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