I have a custom filter defined by this query

project = ProjectName AND status in ("In Progress", Open, Reopened) AND assignee in (currentUser()) AND sprint in openSprints() AND sprint not in futureSprints() ORDER BY updated DESC

As you can see, this filter gets all open tasks of the current active sprint of a specific project.

I'd like to order by the position of the tasks in the backlog list but I can't find any relevant information about this in the JIRA documentation, not in the fields reference nor in the functions reference

Just to be clear, I don't want to order them by Priority or Level but really by the order they appear in the backlog page.

There is another tricky detail is that (I think) sub-tasks don't actually have a positions in the backlog because they are simply not part of the backlog. Their parent tasks however are.

so to sum-up:

  1. Is it possible (and how) to order by task's position in the backlog?
  2. Is it possible (and how) to order sub-tasks by their parent-task's position in the backlog?

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The attribute you are looking for is Rank, so you should add "order by RANK asc"

For the subtasks you need scriptrunner to make a query like this: project = XXX and issueFunction in subtasksOf("issuetype = story order by RANK asc")

  • That's right, RANK is what I was looking for. I just want to add that I actually don't need to use scriptrunner because, by default, sub-tasks appear right under their parent tasks in the result list and they do still appear even if the parent task is not assigned to me. This is exactly what I wanted Feb 22, 2019 at 1:12

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