I am trying to find a way to write a query in TFS to retrieve any PBIs or Work Items that were added to the @CurrentIteration after date X. Usually date X will be the iteration start, so if that is retrievable by some macro, great. If it isn't then I am happy to manually change the date in the query as I go.

NOTE: I am trying to do this through the query editor UI in the TFS website and not by writing any code or anything.

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I struggled with the same issue, but was unable to find a suitable answer. As a work around I created a graph to show the amount of tasks and their status in the current sprint. A spike would appear in the category 'new' (for PBI's) or 'to do' (for tasks). For clarity I separated the PBI's and bugs (which I see as a high level) and the tasks (which I see as a low level).

If you want to do this: 1. Create a shared query which: - work item type = Task - iteration path = @currentInteration 2. Set the correct columns as output - state - ID 3. Create a line graph based on the query - Line chart - group by state - count of work items - rolling period: choose one the options - sort on what you want 4. Add the graph to the dashboard (that is why you need to create a shared query)

For this works fine (or actually as best as possible with my current understanding of TFS)

Hope this helps

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