Can you recommend some good downloadable podcasts on project management? Either theory or current issues?

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I've asked quite a similar question some time ago on 'where to find good information'

I personally listen to these podcasts: http://www.project-management-podcast.com/

They do interviews with authors of books concerning PM (leadership, presentations, methodology, etc.)

and some other podcasts are :

on scrum:

Everybody owning an iPhone, iPod or iPad should definitely check out the iTunes U (university). It is filled with great courses of all leading universities on any topic you want.

  • I was also going to suggest The Project Management Podcast. You might want to put some more detail in your question. There are a lot of podcasts out there. – Perry Wilson Jun 21 '11 at 16:25
  • if you know others, feel free to contribute... – Kennethvr Jun 23 '11 at 6:06

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