Inspired by mind maps and Unified Modeling Language, I am looking for some technique and associated tools to better organize, analyse and communicate about projects in company.

Diagrams that resemble an organizational chart are often used for this purpose. On the top, we can list the strategic goals of the company, under which we can list the supporting goals, then some challenges that need to be overcome to achive each supporting goal, then some possible solutions that are been worked on, down to the appropriate level of granularity.

This representation is not able to express interactions between projects such as synergies, or infrastructure projects that are required by more than one other project, partnerships with external agents on a transverse topic, etc.

Could you please suggest other representations that are able to express a richer set of interactions between projects and how they align with the company's strategic goals?

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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's list-generating. – Sarov May 30 at 13:04
  • @Sarov, I see your point. However, I am looking for a technique with a very specific characteristic. I don't think that many with that characteristic exists. – toliveira May 30 at 13:10

If you want to combine strategic goals with actual projects through multiple layers you should go with Excel. Where you can draw anything you want.

I don't think there are any tools which will let you list strategic goals on top of projects since it's going to mess with your "management attention" listing the pressing tasks below pretty much static strategic goals.

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    "it's going to mess with your 'management attention' listing the pressing tasks below pretty much static strategic goals" In is true that the top-most managers don't have time to look at the taks. However, I would say that middle-level managers need to see the strategic goals and the same time they look at smaller (1 to 3 year-long) tasks. – toliveira May 30 at 12:47
  • You have a point. I'm just used to seeing strategy presented by top management once a quarter maybe and also showcasing it in the lobby or something like that. And I also think that project management and strategic planning should be separated but that's just what I'm used to. – Igor Gorbenko May 30 at 13:38

I assume you have many projects running at the same time (say, more than 30). If so, any single-view representation will either omit important details, or be too cluttered to read.

I suggest to use:

  • Tree-like or mindmap-like views to show the traceability between lower-level projects and higher level goals;

  • Gantt chart-type view to show how the projects are positioned in time;

  • Lists to show priorities.

Dependencies you can show either in a graph form, on on a timeline - depending on what you want to highlight.

  • Mind maps were indeed my inspiration for the question. I was looking for the name of an already renown methodology that makes use of mindmap-like view as you said, supposing it exists. – toliveira Jun 24 at 21:11

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