I am very new to MS Project and I am struggling to create a Look-Ahead formula for a flag field in a master project file (collection of sub projects). I can't seem to get even the simplest formula to work-

IIf([Start]>[Status Date],Yes,No)

Everything looks as if it is defaulting to "No" and I am so new to MSP that I don't know why.

Custom Flag Formula

Master Project

I'm almost sure that I am misunderstanding something fundamental, I just need someone to point out where I am being a dunce.

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Assuming you have a linked project structure, then the sub-projects reside in separate files. In that case you need to open each source file directly (not as a subproject) to modify and save the custom field formulas.

  • Thank you. Turns out I needed to update each source file and assign a Status Date to each. My master had a Status Date but none of my sub projects had them (thus all the "No"s across the board). I also found a VBA script here to update the Status Date of all sub projects. Commented Jun 4, 2019 at 23:05

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