In Russian Internet, a time-management approach known as Progressive JPEG Method is often mentioned. This method is usually attributed to Russian designer Artemy Lebedev, who wrote the article about it back in 2010. The main point of the approach is that a project should be “100% complete at any given moment, although it might be only 4% detailed”, and JPEG is just an expressive metaphor illustrating this statement. (The concept of a “purple cow” is likewise not about animal husbandry, and the “invisible gorilla” principle is not about gorillas.)

It is also claimed that the approach was probably not invented or popularized by Lebedev; although he has attached the name “Progressive JPEG” to it, the method itself might have been known and used in the world before Lebedev’s article. But I didn’t found any references to something similar in business literature written in English.

Please help me to find out whether such management practice has ever been introduced by non-Russian sources—perharps under another established name or without a particular name at all. I wish to avoid a common failure of my countrymen who try to address the worldwide audience, but use their homemade names for well-known business concepts or methodologies.

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  • It doesn't exist. This method only works in Artemiy's mind and has nothing to do with reality. There's no way to have a project be 100% ready at all times if it has sequential tasks. Nor is it possible if there are two or more resources working on the project. As a designer, he can pretend that this is a thing by claiming that he has complete vision at any point in time and just has to work on details, but it has nothing to do with management. – Igor Gorbenko Jul 8 at 7:57
  • @IgorGorbenko, to be honest, I’m not ready to discuss this method’s value or meaningfulness; I just wanted to know if something similar was presented by someone before Lebedev. It seems unlikely, by pure laws of probability, that nobody in the world didn’t promote a similar concept earlier. – Hydrochoerus Hydrochaeris Jul 9 at 0:01
  • Like you, I also didn't find anything. My point was that if someone ever tried to channel this approach into a PM methodology they were likely shut down instantly. – Igor Gorbenko Jul 9 at 7:42
  • While iterative and incremental approaches to project management are a core part of agile frameworks, the usage you're describing isn't a common term. A "prove me right" or "prove me wrong" question is off-topic on PMSE; you might have better luck with this sort of question on Skeptics, but it might not quite fit there either. – Todd A. Jacobs Aug 13 at 17:46
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The term used to describe similar conditions in English is "10,000 foot view": https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/10000-foot-view

Maybe this will help you find more relevant information.

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