I am trying to create a LMS system using Angular and NativeScript. It's a LMS web application like Adobe connect(although a simplified version) that will be written in Angular 8 for example, and a mobile version of it that has a different UI and some different features that will be written in NativeScript-Angular, but is connected to the website and both use one back-end. So the project has 2 front-end interfaces written in Angular and NativeScript-Angular and one back-end that will be written in NodeJS.

As this is my first project(startup), and I am in low-budget, and web/mobile applications aren't my expertise(My expertise is in AI field, but I have some student experiences in mobile/web applications), I need some advice about:

  1. How many front-end developers is needed?
  2. How many backend developers?
  3. Should I do the job in parallel or I must end up the front-end at first, then go and do the back-end part?
  4. How long it takes to done the work? (I need some estimations)

And many other questions that I will try to ask in comments.

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