I am currently wondering about the differences between PMP and PMD Pro and what are the pros and cons of both certifications.

If you can you help me here, then do it.


PMD Pro (Project Management for Development Professionals) was developed in partnership with PM4NGOs (Project Management for NGOs), an organization dedicated to optimizing international project investments and improving professional project management skills in the development sector.

PMD Pro is an adaptation of the PMBOK (Project Management Body Of Knowledge) methodology and other successful business methodologies to the social sector reality.

Based on the PMI (Project Management Institute), the methodology systematizes the concepts and techniques of project management, teaching how to apply project management concepts to the specific context of social projects.

The main difference between PMD Pro and PMP is that the first works with means of impact measurement, human development, quality of life and risk mitigation that are not commonly used in the business market hence why it appeared.

When it comes to the benefits for PMD Pro, PM4NGOs states the following three

  1. On Time

NGOs using PMD Pro report reduced delays because PMD Pro tools help development staff define project risks and goals, assess progress, and efficiently delegate work.

  1. On Budget

NGOs using PMD Pro report improved cost management, enhanced donor reporting, and more confident project and program staff.

  1. Proven Results

Project stakeholders report benefits from increased transparency, common vocabulary and improved project outcomes.

(To note: one can find other reasons why to take this course in firms where it's possible to book the exam (for instances APMG International and Humentum).)

There are at least two acceptable QAs on if one should take PMP certification

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