I am trying to create a Business Continuation Plan for my specific project. I am sure, senior management does not have a plan for the whole organisation either. As such, I think it will be a good idea to have at least a plan for just my project. If it is a success, I can convert the management to consider this for the whole organisation.

For the same plan, right now, I have included cases of team's responsibilities in case of highest priority issues. Other than that, it includes the backup member's name for each member in case they go on short or long leaves.

Other than these two items, I am completely in black about this, as this will be the first time I will be preparing this plan. So, I was hoping to understand what are the main items mentioned in plans that you created. Alternatively, if someone can help me point towards a template, that would work too.

I tried searching "business continuity plan for specific projects", but I could only find a template for IT support and for whole business. Is the term different when we talk about project? Might be the reason why I am unable to find the template.

Anyway, please tell me your ideas for this. And I hope a question that is not specific is alright on this stackexchange.


Never mind. I figured out my stupidity. It is called a contingency plan. Searched for that, and found few templates. "Contingency plan for software development" worked. :)

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