We are using MS project professional.

Question : Assume I have a schedule A. There are 4 developers assigned to A as well. My management asks if they pull 2 resources out what will happen to the schedule.

  1. Can I create an alternative schedule with 2 devs with existing tasks and constraints, estimates and compare with original schedule to understand the impact ? (Not a baseline)
  2. Can you use a revisioning in MS project. For example I go ahead and create new schedule with 2 devs and call it revision 2. Once I understand the impact can I revert back to original revision ?

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Make a copy of the original schedule by doing Save As. Then change the number of resources, let it calculate and save the new schedule (Rev 2). Use the built-in Compare Projects feature to compare the two schedules (Report tab).

  • Thanks @Rachel Hettinger. This seems to work. Commented Dec 3, 2019 at 2:44

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